Mediterranean Chicken

This is a very hearty and warm recipe. I love using the whole spices first which start with infusing the oil with rich and deep flavors. Onions, garlic, tomatoes and our bold and fragrant Garam Masala continue to add layers of flavor and create a beautiful, thick sauce for the chicken and Garbanzo beans to […]

Karahi Chicken Recipe

Karahi chicken is a traditional dish mostly prepared in Pakistan and India. ‘Karahi’ is a kind of a wok in which this dish is created. I love to make it often because of how the fresh flavors of tomatoes, peppers and onions come together with fragrant spices. It is a recipe that your family and […]

Hearty Chicken

This recipe is one of the heartiest recipes you will ever find. It has everything that you would want on a cold rainy evening or a snowy day. The whole and ground spices come together to create an amazing blend of flavors. The fresh vegetables and garbanzo beans provide the warmth which we all need […]

Harissa Chicken

Use the wonderful “Harissa” recipe I showed you earlier to create this wonderful chicken dish with our Garam Masala. The flavors are exquisite and accompany each other so well that it’s just a natural combination! I hope you get a chance to use your Harissa in many environments but definitely try it here and watch […]

Grilled Chicken

This recipe is used numerous times during the summer months. Using yogurt as a marinade is a typical technique in Pakistan and India to tenderize the meats and I have noticed that yogurt also makes a great vehicle for the spices to infuse in the meats, which really helps with the flavors, once the chicken […]

Garlic Chicken

As you know I love garlic and use it generously in almost all of my recipes. The rich flavor of garlic combined with chili flakes and White Jasmine Tandoori Masala creates an amazing layer of some of my very favorite and rich flavors. It is simple and perfect for a busy weeknight. Just make some […]

Penne Pasta Flavor Fusion

This recipe is one of my favorite creations because it brings two very different herbs, cilantro and basil, used in completely different cuisines together. This combination allowed me to clearly demonstrate the power of fusion cooking, hope you get a chance to enjoy this simple but delicious recipe! 2 Pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast – […]

Coconut Chicken Recipe

This is one of my very favorite recipes because of two main reasons; one that it is simple to make and two because it is equally delicious all year around. The key is the rich combination of the creamy coconut milk and White Jasmine Tandoori Masala, both of these ingredients together create a delicious balance […]

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