What we Chow Wednesday – Okra

I wanted to dedicate this blog to a vegetable that is a bit unusual and not so commonly used in most households, Okra. Okra is known by several different names; bhindi, lady fingers, gumbo, etc. Growing up, okra was cooked in a slightly different way, it was sort of stir-fried until it is crispy and […]

What we Chow Wednesday – Brus’ketta or Bruschetta?

It is always fun to learn how people around the world pronounce the same items in different ways. There has been a lot of debate around the very popular appetizer- Bruschetta. I would love to hear what our fans think! There could be hundreds of different combinations used to create a delicious bruschetta recipe. With […]

What we Chow Wednesday – Top 5 Super Foods

There has been a lot of discussions lately about including ‘Super Foods’ in our diet. What are ‘Super foods’? Super Foods help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp, very much like nutritional powerhouses. Here are my top five choices of Super Foods: Black Beans- great protein source […]

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