Matar Pulao – Basmati Rice with Peas

This is a traditional recipe used in almost every household in Pakistan/India often. What I remember growing up is that it was considered rude to offer plain white boiled rice when we had guests around the dining table. The underlying rule was that something must be added to the rice to demonstrate hospitality. Perhaps add […]

Lentils with Fresh Spinach (Palak Dal) – Hearty and Delicious!

Growing up lentils were a big part of day-to-day meals, usually served with plain boiled white rice. Personally, I love lentils! Regardless of how they are cooked and incorporated in a recipe they are hearty and definitely a comfort food. Interestingly enough I have seen my kids going gaga over them, especially over the recipe […]

Spinach with Lentils – Dane County Farmer’s Market

I love making this recipe when the season starts to change, and I start to crave warm soups and stews. This recipe is a popular traditional Pakistani recipe which really warms you up. Over the years I have noticed that this has become one of the favorite comfort foods for my kids and I. Serve […]

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